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Money Management at New Betting Sites

As gambling has become an activity very demanded, gamblers every day wants more and more. And with more it means money to bet. Bookmakers normally do not have a specific limit for betting, but this limit will depend on what event you bet on and what bookmaker you are using for. Visit this website to find the newest UK bookies. For those gamblers who wants big bets, it is possible to find them in some bookies, but for those who are not risky it also exists bookies which allow going for something safe as a small bet. However, no matter what are you looking for everything will depend on the betting site.

Many gamblers might not know about this limit, whether is minimum or maximum, and sometimes they just bet randomly hoping to get rich in a short time; but this is not as simple as it looks. Why bookmakers do not have specifics bet limit? One important reason might be that not every bookie could afford big loses for every gambler or costumer that has in its site, even though bookies are pretty well financed. Additionally, the main idea of a bookmaker is giving opportunities to gambler of winning but also with that chances, bookies need to generate incomes for their own benefits.

Said that, many new bookmakers have in their sites information about what is the minimum and maximum of betting in each event or sport. So, if you want to know it you just need to go to the section of questions. Nevertheless, here is a short list of some aussie bookies with their minimum and maximum amount betting limit.

  • Unibet: the minimum is GBP10 and the maximum is about GBP25,000.
  • Betvictor goes for GBP5 as minimum and 100,000 as maximum.
  • And Paddy Power limit is GBP10 as minimum and GBP10,000 as its higher bet amount.

New sports betting websites and old sports betting websites all have the same money management strategies. It doesn’t matter where you’re placing your bets; if you don’t have a proper money management strategy in place you stand to lose more than you’ll ever gain from betting.


Flat Betting

Betting the same amount every time is a good way to control your losses. This means that you can avoid chasing losses. When you place higher bets in an attempt to make up money you lost on another bet it’s most likely that you’ll just end up worse off than before. Flat betting helps to prevent this from happening.

Variable Betting

There are some times when you might want to bet smaller amounts on lower odds or higher amounts on a “sure thing”. With variable betting you can give yourself a little leeway to do things like this, but just make sure you don’t fluctuate too much and lose your profits!

Your Betting Base

A betting base is the exact amount of money you have to bet from. If you have a set amount that you’ve put into your account and you do not plan to add more, this is your base. Knowing this can help you determine how much to bet.

Finding a Percentage

When you’re deciding on the amount of your bet, it makes sense to take a certain percentage of your base and use that as your bet. Most people use around 1 – 3% of their base per bet. For example, if your base is $1000 and you want to bet at 2%, your bet would be $20. If you lose, the amount decreases slightly. If you win, it increases slightly.


Money management is all about managing losses versus wins. You can’t control how often you’ll win or lose, but you can control how quickly you’ll lose by just practicing good money management at new betting sites.