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Online UFC Betting in the UK– How much should you bet

UFC betting has become the worldwide sensation for over the past years, and today the many millions of people are following through the TV. As you may expect, Given the betting guide, betting has become the big sports-betting genre, particularly in certain parts in the world, for example, in the UK where the UFC betting is nearly the national game. The reputation of UFC betting is rising every day, and more bookies are presenting the sport to the roster. Together with this, a number of the fights presented with different bookmakers is increasing day by day, making this sport betting to be very easy to get bets to place in UFC Betting.

UFC Betting Tips

Through the UFC betting guide, they runs events in the entire year, and so there is no fixed programme. Because of the large fans based in the world, UFC betting has organized events to happen over a weekend. So, they aim to update the UFC betting fans on the page every Wednesday, with a rundown of a card providing enough time to back the UFC betting tips before an action starts.

Picking straight-up winner of the fight is the most prevalent way of betting the UFC. There are odds which indicate the amount which is required to bet is $100 for favorites, that is (-150) Georges St-Pierre or the amount to earn being $100 after winning for the underdog that is (+120) Michael Bisping. These lines actually reflect how oddsmaker believes public estimates the fighter’s likelihood of winning.

UFC Betting Sites in the UK


Ladbrokes is a well-known household name in the gambling industry. It is one of the oldest and most respected online betting operators in the world. It was established in 1902, who at first design and sell software for online sports betting websites and casinos and then decided to start his own online bookmaker. When it comes to the sports betting offer at Bodog, it is fairly good, but You can see the strong focus on the UK market. The list of offered disciplines of sport is long, but the number of events is dominated the ice-hockey, basketball and baseball games.


Betway is the newest bookmaker that join sports betting field and their sports betting proposition appears to be blowing competitions out of water and which has follow the UFC betting guide. They have teamed up Electronic Sports League to sponsor the tournaments in UK but their sports betting proposal have seen the huge influx of the bettors taking advantage of the enhanced odds being across events and by taking 4 figure bets on the renowned games, for example, Dota 2, CS: GO, LOL – League of the Legends, FIFA and also Hearthstone. This bookmaker is aiming for No.1 spot in sports market where they have already have experienced team who understand the industry and the gaming world, and they are determined to support and work together with sports gaming community.


Bet365 sports are the world leading gambling companies having over twenty-two million members that is amazing for the company that began life in the year 2000. It is clear to see why once you enter bet365 website, with its slick, the professional layout and the plethora of the betting options become at your fingertips. Like being with many well-known betting sites, this betting sit gives very easy access to other gambling areas, for example, Casino, Poker, Games, Bingo and Vegas sections presented under one roof.